Firing service

We're happy to fire pieces of pottery you've made yourself. For clay to become ceramic, it must be fired in a kiln. This is known as bisque or biscuit firing. After bisquing, it's up to you what you want to do with your ceramic item.

To paint your own pottery creations in store at Paint your Style:

Help yourself from our colour bar and paint your pottery creations. We then glaze and fire your pieces for you. The price depends on the size of your item. We offer this service exclusively for pottery you've made yourself!
Pricing example: shallow dish, Ø 10 cm, approx. € 6.00.

To paint your own pottery creations at home:

Help yourself from our colour bar and bottle our paints at affordable prices to use at home. In addition to this are the costs for glaze firing (see below for pricing).


Bisque firing is priced by weight: € 0.60 per 100 g or part thereof (€ 6.00/kg). If you have larger volumes of your own handmade pottery to fire, it may be cheaper to book a whole kiln. The price for a whole kiln bisque firing is € 55.00.
We offer bisque firing on fixed dates.
At our Bleibtreustrasse location we fire on the first Tuesday of each month.

Glasurbrand / Endbrand

Der Preis für den Glasurbrand richtet sich nach dem Gewicht: € 0,80/angefangene 100g (€ 8,00/kg). Für Stücke unter 200 g gilt ein Pauschalpreis von € 2,00 pro Stück. Dieser Brand beinhaltet das sorgfältige Glasieren per Hand mit unserer Transparentglasur sowie das Brennen.

Bitte beachte: für selbstgetöpferte Tonarbeiten übernehmen wir keine Gewähr. Farben und Glasuren, die nicht aus unserem Sortiment stammen, werden von uns nicht gebrannt. Den Brennservice bieten wir ausschließlich für selbstgetöpferte und unglasierte Stücke.