Firing service

We're happy to fire pieces of pottery you've made yourself. For clay to become ceramic, it must be fired in a kiln. This is known as bisque or biscuit firing. After bisquing, it's up to you what you want to do with your ceramic item


Bisque firing is priced by weight: € 1.50 per 100 g or part thereof (€ 15.00/kg). If you have larger volumes of your own handmade pottery to fire, it may be cheaper to book a whole kiln. The price for a whole kiln bisque firing is € 120.00.


Glaze firing is priced by weight: € 2.00 per 100 g or part thereof (€ 20.00/kg). This firing includes careful hand-glazing with our transparent glaze as well as the firing itself.

Please note: we accept no liability for pottery you've made yourself. We only fire paints and glazes from our own range. We offer this firing service exclusively for unglazed pottery items you've made yourself.